Frequently Asked Questions About Our Network

Joining our provider network can come with a lot of questions. Feel free to call us any time any questions!

Enrolling is easy! Submit the membership questionnaire here and a DPSC navigator will contact you to provide the next steps to join the  network and answer any questions.

There are no fees to join the DPSC network. Once your member questionnaire is received, it will be reviewed and sent to be approved and credentialed by the corresponding health plan to complete your membership submission.

There are a number of benefits to joining the DPSC network. Our providers gain access to thousands of members, countless referrals, attractive reimbursement plans and much more.

DPSC handles all of the heavy lifting to manage your claims. You are only responsible for mailing or faxing all claims to DPSC and we take it from there!

Yes!  DPSC is here as your partner and we invite you to call any time to speak with one of our friendly associates who are eager to help answer your questions.

DPSC distributes payments  monthly on all claims received from the previous month.  Along with payment, you will receive an EOP (Explanation Of Payment) which describes each processed claim so that you can manage patients and reimbursements  with ease.