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For over 25 years, DPSC has maximized benefit plans with their network of chiropractic providers. We have seen the positive outcomes that chiropractic care can offer patients without pain medication or surgery, as well as the benefits for the carrier to cover conservative care options.  Our providers are fully vetted and meet the credentials to administer professional and reliable chiropractic care to patients.  Joining our network as a health plan provider enables you to reduce costs without compromising the quality of care.

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Health Plan

Aetna Medicare HMO/DNSP

·Assure Plus, Credit, Select, Value and Eagle Plans

Florida Healthcare Plans

·HMO, Individual and Family and Commercial Plans

Aetna Better Health

·Adult and Healthy Kids Medicaid

Humana HMO

·Gold plus plans and Humana Honor HMO plans

Specialty Network

Doctors Professional Services Consultants (DPSC) is a Fiscal Intermediary Services Organization (FISO). As a FISO DPSC is licensed and bonded to manage Medicare and Medicaid funds. DPSC contracts with Health Plans to arrange a Chiropractic network and disburse Medicaid and Medicare funds for services provided to its members.

DPSC understands the demand and value of conservative care options for neck and back pain cause by spinal sublixation. The DPSC network can enhance health plan member access to Chiropractic Professionals and their services and enables providers to treat patients.

DPSC has been managing a Specialty Network of Chiropractic Practitioners for over 25 years.  At DPSC we are dedicated to building relationships with Health Plan partners and our Network Providers.  DPSC is always improving our services and value to our customers and providers.  Below is just one example of the emphasis we place on relationships with providers.

2023 DPSC Network Provider Survey Results:

•96% were pleased or very pleased with DPSCs level of support and Customer Service.
•100% were satisfied or very satisfied with DPSCs level of communication.
•97% told us that DPSCs relationship with Network Providers and the fact that they can speak with a live person when they call in, set us apart from other Network Management companies.
If you are interested in working with DPSC as a Chiropractic Network please contact Michael Jackson, DPSC CEO at [email protected]

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